Mushrooms итальянский ресторан


White Rabbit Family presents italian restaurant «Mushrooms» that will tell You everything about the mushrooms!

Gastronomic experiment on the roof with the awesome view at Moscow: spend an evening on Mushrooms by putting yourself in the capable hands of the team of WRF brand chef Vladimir Mukhin and chef Artem Losev.  

Mushrooms brought from the chefs’ own gastronomical expeditions, prepared exclusively for the restaurants by farms or discovered by famous micrologists — we’ve got what it takes to amaze even the most sophisticated of guests. Truffles at cost price at any time of the year. It’s never too late to fall in love with mushrooms!



  • Summer terrace is opened

    Summer terrace is opened

    Meet the summer on one of the most picturesque summer terraces of Moscow!


    Rising on the roof of the shopping center "Himeney", you suddenly find yourself in a green oasis in the center of the capital - with a summer bar, flowers and bright decorations. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city during lunch or have an unforgettable dinner, enjoying the view of the Museon park, the mansions of old Moscow and the Kremlin towers. Cityscape view and original dishes from Artem Losev are becoming a recipe for a great summer from Mushrooms!

  • Vegetable Meat Burger

    Vegetable Meat Burger

    The future is here!

    From April 19, enjoy the fragrant, juicy meat burger without beef made from vegetable meat.


    The White Rabbit Family holding is the first in Russia to start selling Beyond Meat burger. It is almost impossible to distinguish burgers from ordinary ones.

    Forty-seven scientists worked on their formula for seven years: they laid out meat for amino acids, lipids, trace elements, carbohydrates and minerals, trying to understand how it works. And then they recreated it from pea isolate, rapeseed and coconut oils, salt, yeast extract and beet juice.

    This meat has no GMOs, no soy, no cholesterol, or antibiotics.

    It is 100% vegan, but it looks like meat, it smells like meat and tastes like real meat too!

    The chef of each restaurant offers its own variation of vegetable burger. Our chef Artem Losev cooked a burger made from “No Sin” vegetable meat!

    Do not try to believe, but just try!

  • Seasonal Menu with Morels

    Seasonal Menu with Morels

    Chef Artem Losev values ​​the principle of seasonality and tries to use local products as often as possible in his kitchen.


    The Mushrooms restaurant launched several new dishes with morels: these mushrooms are often called snowdrops, because they appear immediately after the snow melts.

    From the new appetizers in the menu - bruschetta with morels and stracciatella and morels, zucchini, kale, parmesan salad. Pizza deserves special attention: there are spring mushrooms and the delicate milky taste of Burrata. Turning to the meat theme, Artem created dishes that will delight the most avid gourmets. Taste: lasagna with calf tongue and morels or hare tongues with buckwheat porridge in a sauce of seasonal mushrooms. The guests are also offered risotto with black cod and home-baked potatoes: morels give a special taste and aroma to each of these dishes

    Have time to try! The morel season usually lasts until early May.

    Book a table by phone +7 (495) 995-21-78 or by clicking on the link.

  • Children's birthday at Mushrooms

    Children's birthday at Mushrooms

    Looking for the place to celebrate your bambino's birthday? We are waiting for you in Mushrooms!


    The second floor of the restaurant is suitable for the private family party. Planning a feast? Take the opportunity to book the entire restaurant (200 m²) or a summer terrace (250 m²) on the roof of the building. A bird's-eye view of the Moscow center and the magnificent dishes of Artyom Losev, the chef, will not leave indifferent either grown or small guests. If desired, the restaurant can be divided into game zone and stand-by zone: after all, while children are having fun, parents can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine!

    Forget about the hustle and bustle and completely devote yourself to the holiday: we will help you to create a menu and take care of all the technical issues. The young birthday boy will be pleased!

    Tel. for consultation and ordering of events: +7 (495) 995-21-78

  • The wedding of your dreams at Mushrooms

    The wedding of your dreams at Mushrooms

    Marriages are made in heaven, but weddings are played on earth. Enjoy an unforgettable celebration at the Mushrooms restaurant: exquisitely decorated halls, excellent cuisine and attentive staff will create a unique festive atmosphere!


    Mushrooms is located in the center of the capital on Bolshaya Yakimanka, in close proximity to the Kremlin and the Arbat. Two halls (200 m²) and a spacious summer terrace (250 m²) allow you to organize a celebration of any scale.

    Restaurant Mushrooms is suitable for an outside registration: a rooftop ceremony in the center of Moscow, a cityscape from a bird's eye view, sky, clouds and fresh air are the perfect decorations for your wedding and the guarantee of a successful photo shoot. We will also be happy to discuss additional décor and floral decoration, create a menu and take care of the flawless service.

    Tel. for consultation and ordering of events: +7 (495) 995-21-78.

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  • Meet Maslenitsa in Mushrooms!

    Meet Maslenitsa in Mushrooms!

    Meet Maslenitsa in Mushrooms!


    Do you prefer traditional treats? Enjoy classic bliny with honey, sour cream or red caviar. Do you want something new? Order nourishing pancakes with mushrooms and parmesan. Even for those who do not consume gluten, there is a treat - spinach pancakes with avocado. And the crepe layer cake with the smoked trout will be a real temptation for everyone !

    You can book a table by going to the booking form or by calling +7 (495) 995-21-78.

  • Visa for White Rabbit Family

    Visa for White Rabbit Family

    Special program for Visa Premium owners


     Till the end of 2019, the White Rabbit Family* restaurants offer special conditions for Visa Premium cards owners: 10% off with Visa Platinum and Visa Signature cards and 15% off with Visa Infinite.

    To become a member of the program, please show the waiter your Visa card, issued by one of the banks of the Russian Federation, and ask for the discount. Discount is provided only when paying the entire amount of the bill and does not sum up with the existing WRF discount cards. Terms of the program apply to bills that include no more than 8 guests (including children over three years old).

    * The program operates in all WRF restaurants, except for the "Vokrug sveta" gastronomic market, WR Lab and Sausage Club

  • Family Days

    Family Days

    Every Sunday we make a holiday for our youngest guests


    Hunt Mushrooms together with Your family — we invite our youngest guests to have fascinating quests, exciting master classes and non-stop games. Nanny for babies available from 13:00 to 21:00, so while the parents might have a rest and be pleased by Italian cuisine, their children have interesting things to do: going on an adventure with Spider Man, cook a pizza and a magic elixir with famous Russian cartoon heroes called Fixiki (Fixers), or do scrapbooking with Rose from the «Trolls» cartoon!

  • Music by the best

    Music by the best

    Pre-parties in Mushrooms. Every Friday — the best sets of famous DJs


    Quality music and a cozy interior are an excellent addition to delicious snacks and a wide choice of original cocktails. Just look at the lights of Moscow and how they are lit: the atmosphere of pre-party will create a mood for more, whether it'll be heart-to-heart talks or bright parties.


  • Отметьте свой праздник в ресторане Mushrooms!

    Отметьте свой праздник в ресторане Mushrooms!

    Ресторан Mushrooms – пожалуй, идеальное место для торжественного мероприятие. Элегантный декор, первоклассное обслуживание, итальянская кухня в авторском прочтении шеф-повара Артема Лосева – все вместе сложится в праздник вашей мечты!


    Мы приглашаем вас отметить в Mushrooms:


    день рождения или юбилей;

    детский праздник;

    корпоративное мероприятие.


    Забудьте об организаторских хлопотах и растворитесь в радостной атмосфере: мы поможем составить меню и позаботимся обо всех технических моментах.


    Вместимость Mushrooms:

    конференц-рассадка: залы на 1-м и 2-м этажах: до 60 чел., терраса: до 150 чел.

    формат фуршета: до 200 чел.

    формат банкета: зал на 1-м этаже: до 120 чел., зал на 2-м этаже: до 60 чел., терраса: до 80 чел., общая вместимость: до 260 чел.


    Мы предлагаем:

    изысканно оформленные зал (200 м²) и террасу (250 м²);

    гримерную комнату для музыкантов;

    3 туалетных комнаты для гостей;

    отдельный вход;

    посуду и декор;

    панорамный вид на Большую Якиманку;

    квалифицированный персонал;

    персонального менеджера.


    Что еще?

    Ресторан расположен в самом центре Москвы на Большой Якиманке.

    Для всех именинников и молодожёнов комплимент от шеф-повара – торт в подарок.


    Мы с удовольствием обсудим с вами дополнительный декор и цветочное оформление для особых случаев!

    Спешите заказать банкет в ресторане Mushrooms, и наша команда начнет работать над индивидуальным предложением!


    Тел. для консультации и заказа мероприятий: +7 (495) 995-21-78 



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Moscow, Bolshaya Yakimanka Street 22, Himeney shopping centre, 2nd floor.

+7 (495) 995-21-78




© Mushrooms, 2019. White Rabbit Family.



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