White Rabbit Family presents Mushrooms - the first truffle restaurant in Russia.

Three directions of cuisine - European, Russian, Pan-Asian. Truffles at cost price at any time of the year. Mushrooms restaurant will tell you everything you need to know about mushrooms. Located on the second floor of Himeney Shopping Center, the restaurant invites you to participate in a unique gastronomical experiment - put yourself in capable hands of the duo of brand chef Vladimir Mukhin and chef Ilya Zaharov, and spend an evening “on mushrooms”. Mushrooms brought from the chefs’ own gastronomical expeditions, prepared exclusively for the restaurants by farms or discovered by famous micrologists - we’ve got what it takes to amaze even the most sophisticated of guests.

It’s never too late to fall in love with mushrooms!


Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals - they are a unique life form. They have genes, which are inherited, a digestive system and even genitals. According to some scientists, mushrooms have a memory, are capable of thinking and analyzing information.



  • In the open air!

    In the open air!

    The Mushrooms' panoramic terrace is opened!


    Yakimanka, Museon park, mansions of old Moscow and the Kremlin towers - the roof of Himeney Shopping Centre has the most romantic view of the city. It’s time to get yourself comfortable on the soft sofa, with beloved drink, and enjoy the spring! And if the weather goes bad, the sliding roof will save the day.

    The roof has a place for a bar, flowers and even for young thin birches. The spacious terrace accommodates hundred guests – and they will always have something to do: sunbathing with truffle cappuccino in the morning, hold business or casual meetings over pizza with burrata, have dinner with wine – while counting stars – in the evening.

    Spend spring and summer beneath the clouds together with Mushrooms!






    Boletus, aspen mushrooms, chanterelles and slippery jacks - at the peak of the season Mushrooms has collected a harvest!


    Not one, but four types of mushrooms have become the main heroes of this season’s menu. Aspen and boletus, chanterelles or slippery jacks - guests will need to decide for themselves, which they’d like to add to the ordered dish.


    Risotto is equally suited by chanterelles and aspens. Fried potatoes have to be tasted with slippery jacks at least once in a lifetime. And the original chicken pastrami with baby corn must be tried several times in a new combination: first with sweet chanterelles, then with crunchy slippery jacks, with fragrant boletus and sweet-scented aspens. Mushrooms’ new chef Victor Titov has created the seasonal menu, in which you can not only choose a dish, but also choose which mushrooms it will be prepared with.


    Boletus, chanterelles / slippery jacks / aspens


    Warm salad with potatoes and tomatoes – 320 / 420 / 520

    Tagliolini in truffle sauce – 460 / 520 / 580

    Risotto with dill foam – 490 / 560 / 620

    Fried potatoes with green onion and spicy herbs – 320 / 420 / 480

    Chicken pastrami with baby corn – 820 / 880 / 980




    Sunday is a family day at Mushrooms.


    Mushroom hunting for the whole family - Mushrooms restaurant invites young guests for exciting quests and the most unexpected master-classes. To learn everything about the world’s famous cheeses, have a tea ceremony together with the White Rabbit, send a black mark to Dracula and, of course, memorize every mushroom by looks in the mysterious mushroom kingdom - while parents are resting, the children have what to do! Starts at 15:00.



    Cheese journey with Mini and Mickey

    Mouse stories about parmesan, gorgonzola, roquefort and other famous attractions. Cheese master-class.



    Alice in Mushroom land

    Magic tricks with the Mad Hatter. Tea ceremony with the Rabbit and the crazy “Alice’s riddles” quiz. Fortune cookie cooking lesson.



    Treasure island with Jack Sparrow

    An exciting treasure hunting quest. Master-class: sweet treasure chest.


  • Morel season

    Morel season

    First mushrooms in the first mushroom restaurant!


    One, two pieces or a whole kilogram – Mushrooms' guests can choose themselves, how many morels they're prepared to eat. And head chef Ilya Zakharov has prepared a special menu with dishes which are best suited to expand the taste of spring's first mushrooms.


    Warm salad with green asparagus and poached egg, nettle and leek cream soup with garlic stem – these are the quintessence of summer freshness. The wolffish with  stewed lettuce and fried morels or the veal, decorated with fragrant mushrooms with wild garlic leaves and quinoa are both great continuations of the mushroom dinner. The unusual pizza with fried morels, sweet tomatoes and seasonal beans is a must-try before the end of the mushroom season, and so is a good portion of morels with fried potatoes.

  • Oyster mushrooms have arrived!

    Oyster mushrooms have arrived!

    The Krasnodar “chinariki” oyster mushrooms season starts at Mushrooms this February.


    “Chinara” is the Georgian word for “beech”. Chinariki are wild oyster mushrooms, which grow on the beech. They are delicious, tender, with a thin rye aroma. The year’s first seasonal mushrooms are collected for our restaurant in Krasnodar. A chinarik has close to healing qualities, it lowers the cholesterol level and contains all the substances and minerals necessary for the human organism. Most importantly – it has a low calorie count, so it can be consumed in great amounts.

    Mushrooms chef Ilya Zaharov has prepared a small menu for the start of the season. For hot dishes you can try the roasted rabbit liver with wild oyster mushrooms and Italian ravioli, prepared with chicken egg and mushrooms. Or you can order an unusual sandwich with crispy fragrant chinariki for lunch.

    The mushroom season is open, next up are morels.




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